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  • Michael Sherman

    President and Founder, Qualified Impressions, LLC

    - Entreprenuer
    - Investor
    - Venture Capitalist

    Investing in caclulated risks.

  • Qualified Impressions, LLC


    - From 0 to 400+ Clients in 5 years.
    - 100's of Qualified Leads Every Month
    - 300% Average Growth Per Year

    visit now: QualifiedImpressions.com

  • Proven Credible


    - Building products that improve reputation
    - Building products that offer value
    - Building solutions for small business

    visit now: ProvenCredible.com

  • We Build Rankings


    - Proprietary Link Building Service
    - Google Webmaster Guideline Compliant Network
    - Fully Customized Solution

    visit now: WeBuildRankings.com

Growth Strategies

We can help grow your business through capital investments and digital marketing efforts (SEO/PPC/Media) covered, secured, and handled by our firm.

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Existing Business Funding

Need cash to make it work? We're ready to invest in the right ideas and the right people.

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Startup Funding

Have an idea but lack the capital resources and online marketing expertise to make it happen? We can help.

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